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Let face it - computers don’t always work around your schedule!  Often your computer crashes when you in the middle of something or a virus may have gotten into your system.    

Then you have to waste time and money by making a hand-delivery for service, pay high prices to have it inspected and repaired, and then wait for days to get your system back.            

If you are frustrated, tired, or not sure where turn for help, we're able to easily offer affordable technical support for your home, home office or small office. We are efficient and prompt because we understand how important your computer is to you.

Have you just gotten a new computer that needs to be setup and you simply don’t have the time to do it?  They can crash at any time whether you have a project due or a business deadline or whatever the case may be.

 You just know that you need to efficiently and reasonably get back up and running. Here at CSS we know how frustrating alien-invaded sluggish internet service can be and we will use anything in our vast resource and tool collection from the outer orbits to restore your computer to its top operating condition and do this work faster than the speed of light. 

The passion to meet your 21st Century needs is so strong that we will not stop until your issues are resolved and your computer is running like new again.

Some of our reasonable specialties are:

  • Virus and/or Spyware Removal to Improve Internet Security
  • Set Up of New Computers and/or Wireless Networks
  • Assorted Cosmic Computer Repair Services

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